Is KashFlow Easy to Use?

Is KashFlow Easy to Use

As a growing UK accounting firm, you must constantly be looking out for a complete business solution with integrated accounting, payroll, and HR. KashFlow is one accounting software providing cloud-based accounting services in the UK since 2005.

But is KashFlow easy to be used by your firm? Let’s find out in this blog. But before we do so, let us go through a brief introduction to KashFlow. With options for supporting unlimited users and providing VAT support, KashFlow has made a significant impact on small businesses in the UK.

KashFlow is an MTD-compliant accounting solution that offers self-assessment support, timely software updates, and other accounting features that make it a favourite of small businesses. Let’s look at some of the most liked features of KashFlow.

KashFlow Features:

KashFlow Features

Easy-to-Generate Reporting System

KashFlow helps you generate reports like VAT reports, income reports, expense reports, etc. All of these help in managing your cash flow more effectively. HMRC recognises KashFlow for filing VAT online.

It helps create accurate, customised reports to get a real-time picture of a company’s VAT liability. In addition, you can also personalise your reports with your company’s logo, hide or shield nominal codes, and add notes to your reports.

The health check report of KashFlow also helps analyse essential areas of your business and offers recommendations to improve them. The profit and loss report generated by KashFlow is also full of critical data to help make business decisions.


The dashboard of KashFlow is organised systematically and has an appeal to it. It also has charts to signify the current financial status of your business. Many graphs show different heads like alerts, account status, financial overview, sales growth, banking, etc. With the monthly business plan of KashFlow, you can customize your dashboard.

It offers a simple screen layout, which is not provided by other cloud-based accounting software. It is also easy to set up and has an interactive interface that guides you. In addition, its dashboard is also customized in a way to ensure full utilisation of available space.


With KashFlow, you can automate unpaid invoices for your clients so you do not have to run after them. KashFlow will keep on reminding them until they have paid their invoices. This automatic invoicing and reminder feature is useful for small businesses. It also offers two types of invoice templates. You can customize these invoices with your favourite font, size, and your company’s logo.

Further, if you link your invoices to one of their partners (Paypal or Worldpay), your customers can pay you immediately with just one click. They also let you turn your quotes into invoices with a simple click.

VAT Support

This is one of the features that offer a competitive edge to KashFlow. You can file your VAT return within the deadline by directly linking with HMRC within KashFlow, which offers self-assessment software to help you file VAT. It also allows you to file your EC Sales lists.

KashFlow also shows you a live VAT liability total on your dashboard, so you can always track the amount you owe from anywhere and at any time. You can also change your VAT rates in KashFlow or store historic VAT returns to evaluate them at any time.

Other Advanced Features

KashFlow has partnered with IRIS ( a popular UK accountancy platform) to help accountants gain free access to their client’s KashFlow accounts. Furthermore, KashFlow can also be partnered with CashPlus, a debit card company, offering expense management for businesses that need extra funds.

It also offers a unique Payroll system that users have praised. KashFlow offers two invoice options with basic customisations. Further, if you link your invoices to one of KashFlow’s partners (Paypal or Worldpay), your customers can pay you immediately with just one click. They also let you turn your quotes into invoices with a simple click.

KashFlow Overview

KashFlow Pricing

With three pricing plans, Kashflow attracts smaller, mid-cap, and large businesses. Kashflow also gives benefits like no annual contracts and the option to cancel the plans at any time.

Although Kashflow plans require a monthly payment, one can purchase it annually with some discounts. KashFlow also offers a free 14-day trial pack where you can test out their features before buying a full membership. This free trial period does not require you to give your credit card details.

Here are the three packs offered by KashFlow:

  • The Starter Plan: £9/month + VAT
  • The Business Plan: £18/month + VAT
  • The Business + Payroll Plan: £24/month + VAT

Customer Service Review

Customer Service Review


KashFlow has its audience split between both good and bad experiences. It has garnered a minor rating of 1.5/5 stars on Trustpilot and a 3/5 star rating on Google play. Most negative reviews about the software are associated with poor customer service, navigation issues, and VAT miscalculations.

On the other hand, KashFlow has accumulated positive reviews for making payroll easier and using jargon-free language.

Ease of Use

Although Kashflow has an aesthetic UI and looks organised when you see it for the first time, the software is negatively reviewed on many websites for being difficult to navigate. It is also said that many of its features are easy to find once you become a pro at using it.

Many customers have also highlighted concerns that it occasionally gets glitchy. Many unnecessary things go on to make the interface complicated to navigate. Opening links in new windows is also impossible, making toggling back and forth an added problem.

To Sum It Up

With several impressive features, KashFlow offers excellent value for money. However, it has yet to be straightforward to use. KashFlow distinguishes itself from other cloud-based accounting software, providing outstanding VAT and self-assessment support. We would love to see it simplify its UI to attract more users towards it.