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Everybody knows that some tax returns are generally clear and effortless while those for high-networth clients ordinarily require a more strategic methodology. By allowing our firm to deal with the standard Self-Assessment Tax Returns, doing the calculations and finishing the paperwork, you'll be able to offer the best service to those high-esteem clients. 

After outsourcing accounting work to India; the UK accountants bring down their expenses as well as increase the value of their customers as qualified and experienced bookkeepers working for them and deal with terrifically significant parts of Self-Assessment Tax Returns.

You may likewise decide to outsource Self-Assessment Tax Returns during those difficult times such as the end and the start of every year, diminishing the pressure of January and furnishing your clients with consistent support. Our experts can work with multiple software, from SAGE, Xero to Nomisma, etc., so you and your client can keep on getting real-time data with accuracy.

In 2020, Outbooks filed 12,000+ Self-Assessment Tax Returns for our clients

How can Outbooks help?

Outbooks offers clients HMRC tax computation, filing of returns, in addition to assistance in presenting the same to tax authorities. The number of personal tax returns that have been filed from our end on behalf of our UK accounting clients is impressive, to say the least. With sound knowledge of the system and the provisions, we are equipped to offer professional advice and assistance that has helped our clients over the years to comply with HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return guidelines.

Also, with more than twenty years of experience with tax-related activities, our group of expert tax consultants can offer a master Self-Assessment Tax Returns service to guarantee that your tax return is exact, submitted before the deadline, and has been organized to limit tax liability. Reach us today to discover more about how we can assist you with your tax return.


Landlord And Property Income
  • As a landlord, you might not think of yourself as self-employed or a small business owner. HMRC, however, does, and if you’re making money from renting out your properties you’ll need to fill in a Self-Assessment Tax Return. The Self-Assessment process can seem rather daunting at first, especially given how many changes to tax are announced every year.
  • We have been dealing with the landlord and property tax since 2013.
  • We can keep track of rental income
  • We can claim all allowable expenses on rented property.
  • We can calculate tax on number of properties owned.
  • We can submit tax returns and all necessary schedules.
  • We can deal with revenue department on your clients’ behalf.
Capital Gains

Capital gain is an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment or real estate) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realized until the asset is sold. A capital gain may be short-term (one year or less) or long-term (more than one year) and must be claimed on income taxes.

Foreign Income

The amount of income earned from a foreign source that is excludable from domestic taxation. The foreign earned income exclusion can only be claimed by those who meet the foreign residence or physical presence tests, who have a tax home in a foreign country, and have foreign income.

Dividend Income

Distribution of earnings to shareholders that may be in the form of cash, stock, or property. Mutual fund dividends are paid out of income, usually on a quarterly basis, from interest generated by a fund's investments. Also known as a dividend distribution.

Salary Incomes
  • Income from salary is the income or remuneration received by an individual for services he is rendering or a contract undertaken by him. This clause essentially assimilates the remuneration received by a person for the services provided by him under the contract of employment.
  • This amount of remuneration will be considered as income for the purposes of Income Tax Act only if there is an Employer and employee relationship between the person who is making the payment and the person who is receiving the payment.
Other complicated incomes
  • Other complicated income on your self-assessment tax return would include, e.g.:
  • Grant income, for example if you took any of the self-employed income support grants (SEISS), these will need to be declared in the relevant tax year and under the relevant section. Any public or private grants should also be included, but remember that a grant is money that you are not expected to pay back, it is not money that you received in exchange for goods or services.
  • Pensions are also other income, so if you’re self-employed and receiving a state pension and/or other pensions, you must declare it, as you may have to pay tax on it.
  • Other income can include interest on savings in a bank, building society of national savings account. Savings interest is not the same as income received from shares, which is dividend income.


What is Self-Assessment?

Answer: Self-Assessment Tax Return is when you complete and pay your annual tax to HMRC. For this, tax return forms are given in April to show proof of the past year. Outbooks can help you file tax returns so that you can have more money and time on your table to do more important activities.

Consider the possibility that I miss the tax return deadline?

Answer: You will have to pay a penalty of £100 on the off chance that you miss the due date time for presenting your tax return or covering your bill. When you miss the due time by over 90 days, then you will have to pay a £10 per day fine till the time you complete the payment. That is why outsourcing Self-Assessment Tax Return is essential to support your accounting firm and meet compliance requirements.

How can I trust your services?

Answer: You should know that Outbooks UK is a leading bookkeeping services provider and has served more than 10,000 clients till now. We are an ACCA approved employer with strong GDPR compliance. We are also a BSI registered and ISO certified accounting outsourcing firm. Our experts are proficient in XERO, SAGE, IRIS, QuickBooks, Taxcalc and many more.

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Services Offered

Remote bookkeeping services that keep clients books in perfect order, updated as per agreed/desired turnaround time, without interrupting routine operations.

High calibre, dynamic resources for secretarial duties, to meet statutory requirements, compliance and services of a transactional nature.

Timely computation of various types of tax, hassle free filing of returns, and expert assistance in making a fully compliant presentation to tax authorities.

Clutter free, cost efficient, and hassle free submission of year end accounts and CT returns to fully avail legitimate exemptions.

Customized payroll to handle complex unique requirements, backed by specialist accounting knowledge for HMRC complaint and BACs approved solutions.

KPIs and crisp real time reports to help clients gain an edge over competition, charting a path to steady growth and expansion across domains.