Data Security and GDPR-1

Your Trusted Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing Partner

One of the top issues with outsourcing is how to trust an outside organization with your client's data. The second one is the quality of work delivered.

At Outbooks we understand these concerns and safeguard your data while giving you top-notch outsourcing services. We do regular health checkups and monitor all systems and processes very diligently as we understand the importance of data and it's sanity for our customers.

Following are some of the things that we do in order to make sure that our client’s data is kept with the utmost safety:

Online Security


Secure logins






IEC Registered

ISO 27001:2013(ISMS)

GDPR Compliant

On-site Security


- Servers in the UK, connection via VPN
- Controlled Data Transfers
- Employees get access to only those files which they are allowed to.
- Uploads/Downloads are disabled outside permitted channels
- Periodic evaluations and audits

Offices & Staff

- Removable drives on desktop strictly disabled
- Security guards and CCTV Cameras in all offices. Lockers provided for staff.
- Several websites are blocked for access
- Laptops, Mobiles not allowed. Use of Desk phones & Desktops only.

GDPR Compliance

- We use highly secure & GDPR compliant services like Box and AWS for our software and data transfers
- No personal data is stored without your consent
- Secure Emails & data transfers. Data in motion monitored.


We understand that it is important for clients to trust Outbooks as an offshore partner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Security and Confidentiality, you may reach out to our data security officer to get a quick resolution.

Security & Confidentiality is at the core of whatever we do. And we'll make sure to never compromise yours!

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