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Open positions

UK Taxation

Primary Job Responsibilities-

* Dealing with Clients and sorting out their queries
* Collecting data from clients in relation to Tax returns
* Preparation of Tax Returns
* Submission and finalization of Tax return
* Getting approvals from clients
* Working on Tax Credit claims from start to end.
* Dealing with HMRC
* Reporting to Tax Manager in UK
* Doing any other work which Tax Manager may request.

Experience Required:

* Desired experience of a similar role
* Experience of preparation of UK Tax Returns
* Experience of dealing and communication with customers
* 3-4 years of experience of working in Tax Department

UK Payroll

Primary Job Responsibilities-

  • Accounts Force
  • Payroll Overview
  • Company Creation
  • Updating Information
  • Creation of Employee
  • Processing Payslips
  • Reports Generation
  • CIS Returns Payroll Manager
  • CIS Deduction / Suffered from Payroll Manager
  • SMP Advance Funding
  • Nomisma Support & Feedbacks
  • PAYE/ CIS Underpayment/ Overpayment/ Payment discrepancy handling
  • KPIs
  • Payroll billing
  • PAYE liability sheet
Bookkeeper/Account Manager

Primary Job Responsibilities-

  • Using Outlook
  • Logical Office
  • Companies House
  • Bookkeeping knowledge is a must
  • Client Data Chasing for Accounts Finalization
  • Month End Procedure
  • Enter Bank statements
  • Check Expenses
  • Check all Supplier Bills
  • Check all Invoices for the period
  • Check all Allowances for that period
  • Create one query sheet only
  • Close all queries with client
  • Send the final withdrawal figures to account manager for that month
  • Accounts Finalization Procedure
  • Data Saving on Clients folder
  • Resolving Client Queries at times
  • Capital and reserve Schedule
  • Fixed Asset Schedule
  • Wages Summary Schedule
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Vat Output Sheet
  • Dividend Recon Sheet
  • Expense Sheet
  • Preparing Trial Balance from Portal on excel
  • Uploading Trial Balance
  • Uploading Statements and Miscellaneous adjustments
Account Finalization

Primary Job Responsibilities-

  • Client Handling
  • Client data chasing for Accounts finalization
  • Bookkeeping on Different accounting software Like Quickbooks, Xero, etc
  • Month-end procedure
  • Entering bank statements, checking expenses, supplier bills and invoices for the period
  • Team handling and work allocation
  • Account Finalization procedure
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Balance sheet Reconciliation
  • Discussing client queries with HMRC
  • Vat Output Sheet
  • Dividend Recon Sheet
  • Preparing Trial Balance Prom Portal on excel
  • Preparing Full Accounts on absolute
  • Preparing Account checklist on word file
  • Resolving client queries at times
  • Link Trial balance with Absolute
  • Analysis of Nomisma and Portal together

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