Outbooks Comprehensive Year-End Accounts & CT Returns Solutions!

For a company owner to quickly figure out profit or loss as the accounting year approaches, they must have a crystal-clear view of their yearly accounts.

Although many pick the tax year as it brings your tax obligation as current as possible, limited businesses, sole traders, and partnerships are free to choose their year-end.

Rely on Outbooks in the UK for comprehensive year-end accounting services, including filing with Companies House and providing a valuable breakdown of your company’s financial data.

Although tax planning and compliance are complex, they are essential to the success of any business. Outbooks help you save time and money on your corporation tax. With our expert assistance, you won’t have to stress when tax payments are due to getting insights into capital allowance.

Outbooks guarantees accurate year-end accounting and professionally filing CT returns!

Year-End Accounts & CT Returns: What we do

Timely submission of year-end accounts and CT returns is essential to avoid punitive actions.

For accountants, this annual exercise looms as one of the most significant and stressful tasks because of the need to perform this alongside other tasks that also receive priority due to the relation with an organisation's or business's day-to-day functioning.

At Outbooks, our professional teams will unburden you of this exercise, replacing it with clockwork-like submissions that will not just be compliant but will add value to an organisation with advisories, opinions and analytics on areas of improvement.

Meticulous Year-End Accounts and CT Return

With Outbooks, you can expect:

  • Evaluating your bookkeeping.
  • The accounting for your limited liability corporation.
  • Getting your business tax return ready- CT600.
  • Reporting to HMRC on Full Accounts and CT600.
  • Providing Companies House with consolidated financial statements.
  • Staying on top of all the due dates and obligations related to your corporation’s tax.
  • Registering your company with HMRC to pay corporation tax.
  • Representing on behalf of the company to HMRC on your CT return.
  • Corporation tax preparation and guidance.

Reach out to experts at Outbooks for precise year-end accounts & CT return services today!


FRS 102/102A
  • We have been working under FRS 102 Sec 1A, Small Entities since 2016.
  • We understand where it is applicable and all applications with it.
  • We track all amendments and provide proper training to our Accounts finalization team.
  • We understand all your pension obligations, director loan’s and shareholder notification.
  • We promise you to provide a much quicker turnaround time.
  • Our service will help you with filling accounts well before 9 months deadline.
FRS 105
  • We have been working under this regime for micro entities since 2015.
  • We understand the scope, concepts and its principles.
  • We can produce financial statements, income statements and notes to statements as required under the regime.
  • All your micro clients will be serviced without any issues.
  • We process more than 1,000 accounts per annum and we have never missed a deadline.

A digital company tax return (CT600) must be filed with HMRC annually. The deadline for your tax return is 12 months after the end of accounting period it covers; there are penalties for late filing. If you want to file a paper copy of CT600 you must have a reasonable excuse and explain why on form WT1.

You have to file your accountants with Companies House too. You can file both sets of accounts at the same time providing you do not need an auditor.

Note that there is separate deadline for your corporation tax.

Conversion to new standards
  • We keep ourselves upbeat with all new requirements by HMRC.
  • We did very easy conversions to new standards from FRSSE to FRS and will continue to do so in future.
  • You will save a lot of time in training and developing your staff with all the changes.
  • Similarly, that will help you concentrate more on your business that you do best.
Sole Trader and Partnership Accounts
  • As this is the most famous way of doing business in the UK we take care of them from start to end.
  • Registering with HMRC and contributions agency.
  • Prepare statutory accounts for your sole trader clients.
  • We can help them decide whether they need VAT registrations.
  • We can do all bookkeeping and tax compliance work.
Corporation Tax Calculations

Corporation tax has to be paid on all profits from a UK-registered company; you will not receive a bill, and the deadline for paying is usually 9 months and one day after the end of the business’s accounting period. You need to keep accounting records to be able to do your corporation tax calculation, including money made from doing business (“trading profits”), investments, and selling assets at a profit (“chargeable gains”). When you file your tax return you have to work out your profit or loss for the purposes of corporation tax. This is different from the profit or loss shown in your annual accounts.

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Services Offered

Remote bookkeeping services that keep clients books in perfect order, updated as per agreed/desired turnaround time, without interrupting routine operations.

High calibre, dynamic resources for secretarial duties, to meet statutory requirements, compliance and services of a transactional nature.

Elevate your cash flow management, streamline invoicing, and optimise AR efficiency, all while reducing overhead costs.

Timely computation of various types of tax, hassle free filing of returns, and expert assistance in making a fully compliant presentation to tax authorities.

Clutter free, cost efficient, and hassle free submission of year end accounts and CT returns to fully avail legitimate exemptions.

Ensure financial efficiency, manage vendors effectively, and streamline payment processing while adhering to compliance and risk regulations.

Customized payroll to handle complex unique requirements, backed by specialist accounting knowledge for HMRC complaint and BACs approved solutions.

KPIs and crisp real time reports to help clients gain an edge over competition, charting a path to steady growth and expansion across domains.

Our audit and assurance support services provide comprehensive solutions to enhance transparency, compliance, and financial integrity.