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How We Work With Clients Approach


We sign the agreement

This is a very open ended agreement with no min term or min retainer. This is like master services agreement and then we do work based on this agreement, but it doesn’t bind you to anything. If you can share company number, we will send the agreement specific to your company.


We complete KYC/AML for a director


Customer to provide access to the documents

This can be done in one of the following ways:
1. You can invite [email protected] to your cloud data storage folder.
2. We will invite you to our cloud data storage folder and allocate unlimited storage for you. You can upload all the paperwork there under individual client folders.
3. You can provide us access to your data server using remote desktop.
4. Or if we are using digital tools like RB, Hubdoc or auto entry, then we will get the paperwork through these channels.


Customer to provide the login details for the software where they would like Outbooks to work on

This again can be done in one of the following ways:
1. You can invite [email protected] to your cloud software for a client you want us to work on. This is convenient for any cloud-based software. For the hosted desktop, it works very much like cloud software.
2. You can provide us access to your software server using remote desktop. This is convenient for any desktop-based software.


Customer to send an email clearly detailing the requirements for the job

This needs to have the name of the company, job details and any other useful information for the job. We can also agree the process and standard SOPs for all the jobs rather than discussing the requirements for each job.


We will send the missing log if there is any

Once we have the full paperwork, Outbooks to complete the job and send it to the Customer for review. Weekly reports
will also be shared by Outbooks so that the customer knows the progress and status of the jobs we are working on.


The customer provides the feedback and Outbooks incorporates the feedback


We continue the partnership

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