Top 11 best accounting software for accountants

Best Accounting Software for Accountants

“Behind every good business is a great Accountant.”

Accounting and Accountants have been strong pillars supporting business since time immemorial. However, as time progressed, accounting practices have changed too. Technology has changed how accountants used to work. From sitting in a room, surrounded by books, bills, bank statements, etc and doing manual calculations all day long, accounting has transformed a lot as accountants have so many software at their disposal now. Thanks to technological advancements, these software have automated so many manual processes, thereby easing off the extra workload of an accountant and increasing his/her efficiency.

Being an accountant isn’t easy, but being a tech-savvy accountant is easier and smarter. So, here are the top 11 accounting softwares that every accountant should know about:


Top 11 Accounting Software for Accountants:

  • Zoho Books:

    Founded in 1996, ZohoBooks is an online accounting software that offers a range of features like automated bank feeds, easy tracking of invoices, sending payment reminders, etc. With this software, accountants can easily reconcile the client’s bank accounts/transactions and connect online with the client.

  • Oracle NetSuite:

    Netsuite is an American cloud computing company that offers an ERP. Even though this is an Enterprise Resource Planning software, it has inbuilt tools for and features to manage financial transactions and other accounting processes easily.

  • Freshbooks:

    Founded in 2002, Freshbooks is accounting software, owned by 2ndsite Inc. It is a cloud-based software that can be accessed through desktops as well as mobile devices. Its main features include balance sheet management, journal entries, accountant access, general ledger, etc.

  • Nomisma:

    This is one of the best software for accountants in the UK that aims to empower accountants with cloud-based software, that assists accountants in easing off tasks like bookkeeping and other accounting-related services. It offers a one-month free trial and starts at just £4/month. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate with third-party apps like GoCardless, Paypal, Stripe, PensionSync, EasySync, HMRC, Companies House, and Nomisma CRM.

  • QuickBooks Online:

    It’s online is one of the leading cloud-based accounting software that offers easy access to accountants, thereby making it easy to track invoices, expenses, bank reconciliation, and up to 500+ integrations.

  • Sage50Cloud:

    This is locally-installed online accounting software that comes with 70+ integrations and a customizable dashboard. Other important features include expense tracking, budget planning, bank reconciliation, cash flow management, and many other accountancy products. It was released in 2019 and is owned by the Sage Group.

  • Xero:

    It is a New-Zealand based public technology company that offers a cloud-based accounting software platform for small as well as medium-sized businesses. It allows access to accountants and offers a range of services that accountants need to manage their clients’ books, like invoicing, expense management, bank reconciliation, easy integrations, online payroll management, etc.

  • BigTime:

    It was founded in 2002 and is a well-recognized time and billing software solution for accountants as well as other professionals, offering services like expense tracking, WIP management, task & workflow management, invoicing, billing, and more.

  • FreeAgent:

    Based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, FreeAgent was founded in 2007. It is another popular cloud-based accounting software mainly aimed at accountants for small businesses. It received the  2018 and 2017 Accounting Excellence Awards. It offers access to accountants and has its own dashboard. It further offers accounting services like invoicing, expense management, tax calculations, etc.

  • Clearbooks:

    Clear Books is a UK based cloud accounting software for SMEs and accountants. It offers a spreadsheet type view to easily record all the invoice details, expenses, track money transactions(in and out), bank reconciliation and other accounting-related information.

  • Capium:

    This is a fully integrated accountancy software that is cloud-based. It is one of the most preferred software choices for accountants and bookkeepers in the UK.

We are living in a tech-driven world and finding an accounting software isn’t a tough task. Most of the above software is for enterprises that offer easy access to accountants. This makes outsourcing an online bookkeeping firm, even more, easier and secure since all the financial records are hidden in layers of encryption and even the slightest of changes made reflects everywhere thus making it easy for business owners to keep a tab of their financial records.