Employee Journey – Abdul Shakoor

Here’s a glimpse of Abdul’s Journey at Outbooks so far:

  • Started carrier at Outbooks as: I started my career with Outbooks in June 2012 and that time there were only 10 employees in the company and now in 2020, we are clocking to 200 employees. I was hired as an Assistant Bookkeeper.
  • What have you learned and gained so far: I have learned a lot of skills, working with Outbooks. Some of them include client handling,  team handling, communication skills, decision making, and personality development.
  • Currently working as: I am presently working as a Training & Skills Development Manager here.
  • Little explanation of your journey to date: My journey throughout Outbooks has been very smooth, as here one if one is deserving, they get opportunities to grow. In a time period of 3months, I was given the responsibility of Reference Letter work. Almost in a year, I was promoted as Account Manager and a portfolio of 50 clients was given to me. With time, the portfolio extended to 250+ clients and I was leading a team of 5-6 people. In Nov 2019 I was promoted as a Training & Skills Development Manager.
  • In the next 5 years, where you want to see yourself in Outbooks: I forsee a great future with the company. In next 5 years, we will hopefully have a  full-fledged Training Department and I would like to see myself on top of it!



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