Iris Software

It is my immense pleasure to share my experience with IRIS Software. This software is a blessing in disguise to all the accountants, individuals and companies who wish to work on their accounts and generate a status of their books. As this software is self-explanatory, it becomes very simple and easy for all users, making it one of the most user-friendly software in the market.

There are quite a few unique features of this software. Every time an entry is posted in the software, it works out as per the set accounting standards and compliances leading to generate the accurate status of books. It also helps in formatting different account types, multiple business accounting reports, different presentation charts, etc. as per the user requirement in just a click.

Advantage of using IRIS Software

  • Import data/software support: We can directly import data to IRIS from any (supporting) accounting software like Xero, Sage, FreeAgent, and many more. Apart from this, we can directly import data in CSV format. It’s very simple and self-explanatory.


  • Error detection: For instance, if the closing balance of the previous year doesn’t match with the current year opening balance data, then It will generate an exception report as the error has occurred. Apart from this accounting error, if there is any compliance-related query, it will also detect the same under the exception report.


  • Type of business: There are almost all formats available for all types of businesses, like sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, charity organization, public limited companies, etc.


  • Chart of account: This is a listing of all accounts used in the general ledger of an organization. It includes aggregate information in a user’s financial statement. The chart is usually sorted in order by account number to ease the task of locating specific accounts.


  • Reports: Different kinds of management and accounting reports are available and can be generated very easily.


  • Corporation tax: Data can directly be linked with corporation tax software and can also be filled on HMRC.


  • Updates: The software auto-updates as per the new rules and regulations on a financial budget, thus helping the user with the updated version of the new sets’ standards of financial reports.


As per my observation, the only drawback is that the software is exceptionally made for the finalisation of accounts and not of general bookkeeping, which requires the direct posting of invoices.

This software is an excellent tool for any accountant, individual, and company to work on finalisation of accounts. Although, there are many similar software is available in the market at a lesser price. This software looks like it is pinching your pockets, but be assured that it is worth saving each minute and penny for one’s yearly books of accounts.

Learn more about Iris software here.
P.S. Iris is one of the software’s that we use for our clients. This post in any way is not paid or promotional.

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