Growing an existing firm or creating a new accounting firm requires a lot of hard work. Getting new clients and sustaining the existing ones is a challenge for the firms. We have a short span of time and too much work to look at with limited staff. The best way to keep the existing clients and finding the new one is planning ahead and creating a proactive strategy. There are creative ways of marketing channels that can help find new Accounting clients. 

Marketing is the method through which firms can reach potential clients. Think about the best approach and target potential clients. Old methods may not work any longer.

Here are the 10 ways accountants can drive clients to their firm:


  • Partner with other trusted professionals:

Your clients may be using other services that you don’t offer like investment advice, recruiting needs, legal representation, technology consultants etc. You can partner with these professionals to get more clients. 


  • Ask for Referrals:

It is always better to have satisfied clients. Your clients interact with other businesses too. Their recommendation of your firm can help build your reputation and thus get you more clients. Be proactive. Ask your client to spread the word about your firm. You can use Linkedin for recommendations and endorsements. Another way is to put testimonials on your website. Even a referral reward program is a great scope of getting a good clientele. The referring client will get something of value for every successful referral. This helps in getting new Accounting clients while also maintaining good relations with the existing clients. 


  • Offer Additional services to your clients:

You can increase your business by offering additional services to existing clients. You can offer benefits like more accurate and reliable data, better service, cost benefits, dedicated account manager, etc. If your clients are already using these services from your competitors, convince them why they should opt for you. Look for opportunities to serve new clients with additional benefits. 


  • Learn how to network effectively:

Networking is vital. Face to face interaction is important and effective even in this digital era. You can host events and invite your clients for an interaction. You may participate in fewer well-known events and send an email to the clients asking to visit your booth. Think about what can you deliver additionally to the clients. Meet key people and take a  follow up afterward. 


  • Do business with like-minded people:

When you spend time with like-minded people, you will find opportunities to share stories and network. Activities, groups provide casual networking with people. So, whether you are in a community project, golf club, or a cycling group grab the opportunity to interact and build a strong relationship. 


  • Think strategically about cold-calling;

Cold-calling might have a bad impression but it is very effective. It totally depends on your execution. The key here is to provide insight to the client in less time. Prepare in advance who you are going to call, what is their role and know their needs. Listen to what they have to say. A casual call is more effective than a sales pitch. 


  • Extend your reach through social media:

Digital Marketing is a very effective tool and reaches a mass audience. Provided you provide content which is intellectual and informative.  You may write blogs on the current topics in the industry like tax compliance, accounting best business practices and make use of other content tools. This will build confidence in your clients that they can do business with you. To build a social media presence so the clients can check your business credibility. 


  • Build an impressive website:

Nowadays for everything people do online research. Having a good website that ranks well on Google will bring new traffic to your business and convert that traffic to sales. 


  • Get listed on the directory:

Get yourself listed on the reliable online directories which is for free. This is a great way to get potential clients while they are searching for you. 


  • Get certified in QuickBooks or Xero:

Becoming a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor or a Xero Certified Advisor enables you to display your profile on the Find-an-Advisor website. Make sure you optimize that profile because that is another place where prospects are likely looking to buy immediately.  

Last Words:

New clients are not difficult to find if you understand their business needs. Use the above steps to find clients for your accounting firm. Life at your firm will be more profitable. Good luck! 

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