There will be 9 billion individuals living in this world at the end of 2050. Additionally, environmental change will fuel every one of the difficulties we face. As expert accountants and bookkeepers, we should guarantee to have an influence in making society a better place to live.

Accountant need to shape their policies to help the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From helping in gender equality, reduced inequalities, responsible consumption & production,  decent work and economic growth, to climate action, and peace, this profession is a catalyst for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Accountant for a flexible economy

The accountant profession offers more than $550 billion to the world’s economy. Moreover, many studies state that a high number of bookkeepers in a nation translates to high GDP per capita and Human Development Index Scores. Hence, constantly backing and strengthening the accounting and bookkeeping field contributes decisively to world economies.

Using their expert skills to urge pioneers to coordinate their associations toward accomplishing sustainable financial, social, and natural growth. 

Furthermore, accountants have a chance to add to the more prominent success and improved living standards. With their better and more accurate data, estimation, and decision-making, they can move towards having more inclusive growth. 

Diminishing the Gender Gap 

Guaranteeing that all women have similar rights and freedoms for decision-making on economic, political, and public platforms is fundamental for a solid worldwide economy.

Accounting firms have been continuously playing their role in narrowing the gender gap. As per the statistics by the Office of National Statistics (ONS): Women now add up 44% of full-time accountants in the UK. 

Ethics are important 

The job ethics in accounting can’t be overemphasized. This is because our principles are basic to satisfy our public interest command. For instance, in supporting attempts to battle financial wrongdoing, improving auditing and corporate administration is essential. 

Furthermore, there is basically no other worldwide profession limited by a code of conduct that has been welcomed and fulfilled in more than 150 nations. We should never subvert it. The main bodies are ACCA, CIPFA, Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI), and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).

Saving The Peace And Justice

A government that is transparent and adheres to the justice system protects and preserves society. Fraud and corruption undermine many initiatives, forestalling business development, dissuading investment, and obstructing assets.

Accountants have the ability to point out poor practices, inappropriate auditing, public funds wrongdoing, and shady transactions of the government and big corporations. Thus, ensuring peace and justice to the innocents is their primary duty.

Addressing the issue of climate change

Does anybody remember the Paris Agreement of 2015? Well, this seems long forgotten, but the points discussed should never slip from your mind. After the convention, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) issued a message of support on global emissions. 

Auditors and examiners have a significant role in considering governments responsible for their performance, including progress toward environmental goals. Utilizing coordinated reporting to address environmental change hazards, accountants can assist firms with adjusting their business goals to get ready for environmental change.

Closing Note

Accountant have an extraordinary power to consider government and businesses responsible. With solid accounting work, they can better drive the reforms expected to change this globe into a better place. 

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