accountants in UK are the unsung heroes during the pandemic
Accounting has long been an important profession, however, it has been even longer since the hard-working Accountants in UK received their fair share of appreciation. But it is during the tough times that the true character of an entity is revealed and the ongoing pandemic has once again shown the world how the sheer dedication and ethics of the Accounting profession have saved businesses from perishing.

Accounting has always been a very adaptable profession as we have also witnessed Accountants taking over advisory roles for their clients and developing long-term sustainability plans during the pandemic outbreak while most of the country was in lockdown.

Recently, market research company Biznography conducted a survey wherein 1,000 small business owners were contacted. The survey showed that in comparison to other key business service providers, accountants have been more helpful, more available, and more proactive in supporting SMEs through Covid-19. Cara Berry, founder and director of Biznography, said: ‘Not only have accountants been the most approachable service provider during the pandemic, their proactive advice has also been recognised by clients.’

AVN offers coaching and training for accountants and is now encouraging and rewarding the work of accountants. AVN is asking accountants to send over their success stories of how they helped their clients during the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, the winner will be rewarded with a cash prize of  £2,000 as well as receive business improvement advice worth £12,000.

Shane Lukas, Managing Director of AVN says, “We know that accountants have worked hard for their clients. They’ve stayed awake at night figuring out how best to help clients in need.”

“They’ve worked long hours; they’ve been their support and counsel; they’ve worked their hardest to get the funding to help them survive and given advice to help them adapt and once-again, thrive.”

“Taking stock and considering the wonderful difference accountants have made is important. It’s easy to keep battling on. I believe they need to take time out to consider the impact they’re having.”

He further added, “Every business is someone’s ‘baby’ and it’s devastating for them to lose it. Every business supports at least one family; lives are affected by business. Every business matters and accountants have made a difference through their support and help.”

“To enter the award, we simply want your stories. Tell us about the clients you’ve been there for, what you did for them and the difference it made. You deserve to be recognised. Indeed, the accounting profession deserves to be recognised.”

The last date to enter the competition is 10 July.

Summing Up:

Accounting is a profession that affects the lives of millions of people and all these people don’t even know how accountants have long been their angels. Accountants are responsible for the stability and security of people and they deserve to be respected and recognised. 

Accountants have always been the ‘unsung heroes’ but the unprecedented and unfortunate arrival of COVID-19 outbreak has shown us exactly why Accounting is such an important profession.