Going paperless is important for the environment and it helps you to stay organised! Paperless keeps you away from getting lost under piles of paper. Following are the reasons that would make you a paperless practice:


  • It makes your customers happy: 

Many businesses consider reducing their paper use a way to show  customers that they’re environmentally friendly. Nowadays customers also hate filling lot of forms especially when filling the same information again and again. But due to technology and online form fillings, information cannot be automated to other documents and thus clients task become easier and so does ours.

  • It saves a hell lot of time: 

Going paperless saves a lot of our time. If you are looking for a particular document or information it is a tedious task to search the file it’s written in. Locating the right document can take a lot of time. But with technology, everything will be accessible at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for data or any information, nothing will be lost instead it will be compiled at your few keystrokes.

  • It makes you more efficient:

It’s unrealistic to eliminate every sheet of paper from your office. There will always be some paperwork from your clients, suppliers or partners. But the paperwork can be reduced which will increase your efficiency. Digital documents are easier to store, search,  manage and process. Your staff will spend less in the pile of papers and more on their productivity. You can go paperless by scanning the existing documents. It requires proper planning and execution so get your team ready to go paperless. A disorganised workplace can prevent staff from thinking clearly, logical and in a focused way. So why wait? Ditch the printer, get online and start saving money.

  • You can save Storage space and printing expenses:

25% space is occupied with paperwork at your office. It becomes easier to store and retrieve digital copies in a logical format much convenient whilst increasing the security of all such confidential documents. You can reduce this overhead cost if choosing paperless documents. You can also save on paper, printing, ink and other things associated with it. This can be significant for small firms.

Once you eliminate paperwork from your office, your firm will be more organized and efficient. As accountants and their clients switch to a digital tax system − HM Revenue & Customs- Making Tax Digital(MTD).

Encourage all your clients to send you electronic documents instead of paper. Many will be glad to go paperless themselves. Going paperless is an ongoing job. So plan your strategy and reward yourself for going paperless. It will result in a considerable cost saving as well as helping the environment. It also makes life easier for everyone in the practice. Going paperless is also great for your image and from a branding perspective. For any business or accountancy firm wishing to grow and provide its clients with the best possible services – it is time to add value and go paperless.

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