Top 10 Accounting Websites for Small Businesses in the

A lot goes into beginning and sustaining a successful business in the United Kingdom. UK SMEs need to know a lot, from having a great company concept to drafting an exceptional business plan to keeping their accounts up to date.

Entrepreneurs and company owners must stay up to date on the newest trends and seek guidance from those who have “been there and done it. Learning from others can save a lot of misery in the long run. The internet is rich with helpful business information but also misinformation.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of websites that provide the highest-quality ideas and information, from the best accounting websites to the finest business firms, to help UK businesses prosper.

Keeping up with accounting news and advancements takes a lot of time; fortunately, it doesn’t have to! Several valuable websites and blogs are available to help accountants and bookkeepers stay updated. Here are our top ten recommendations for you to bookmark.

1. AccountingWEB

AccountingWEB is a treasure mine of knowledge for accountants and book-keepers who want to remain up to date on industry news and insights, with many entries published every day under categories such as ‘HMRC & Policy’ and ‘Business Tax’. It also sponsors accountingWEB Live, a series of regular webinars with industry professionals on various issues ranging from workplace mental health to artificial intelligence and Making Tax Digital.

2. AccountancyAge

AccountancyAge is considered a centre of information and news for accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals, having transitioned from a print journal to an internet resource many years ago.


The HMRC feed on the gov. uk website is updated multiple times daily and contains all the organisation’s updates and announcements, including legislative changes.

4. Taxation

Since 1927, Taxation has published a weekly magazine. Their website, Taxation.co.uk, is jam-packed with accounting news and a library of tax cases for you to peruse. Subscribers can pose enquiries concerning specific client circumstances in an active reader forum and receive immediate feedback from a network of accountants. To access these online features, you must first subscribe to Taxation magazine.

5. Accountancy Today

As the name suggests, Accountancy Today is a dependable source of up-to-date news for accountants. They cover everything, from the most recent new firm appointments to industry interviews and commentary. Individual subscriptions cost £4.99 per month and include full access to the site’s exclusive content.

6. Accounting Insight

Accountex, well known for its accounting exhibits and conferences, now offers Accounting Insight, a platform teeming with sector news and updates from various specialists and industry insiders. This curated information feed combines practice advice, industry trends, and analysis of the most recent reports.

7. PracticeWIN

PracticeWIN is a free app for all levels of accounting professionals, from rookie accountants to partners. You’ll get simple access to the latest industry news sent directly to your phone and information from professional contributors on issues like tax, marketing, and CPD (keep an eye out for FreeAgent’s valuable resources!).

8. The 6 Figure Book-keeper

The 6 Figure Bookkeeper is a website dedicated to bookkeepers. It offers free educational downloads, suggestions and advice, a Facebook network, and a regular podcast with industry speakers.

9. Your Industry Body

Checking in with your industry body is another good approach to staying up to speed on developments and changes that may affect you and your practice. On their websites, organisations such as ACCA, ICAS, ICAEW, AAT, CIMA, and ICB include news and insight sections that give news analysis, regulatory updates, and practical advice. Sign up for your industry’s newsletter to ensure you never miss a beat.

10. Business Live

Business Live can assist you in keeping an eye on the whole business scene. With material arranged by location and industry, you’ll have no trouble finding the most essential information for you and your clients.

Accounting software's advantages for small enterprises

Accounting software’s advantages for small enterprises

Online accounting software is a fantastic alternative for a small business or sole proprietor searching for ways to conduct your accounting. Intuitive online solutions can help you save time, organise, and understand your money. Furthermore, there are other factors to consider while selecting the best software.

Grow Your Core Values

As an entrepreneur, you should not waste time learning the complexities of accounting or juggling receipts and costs. Instead, use this crucial time to grow your ideas and business.

Get Structured and Reduce Errors

Receipts and invoices are simple to misplace or forget. Accounting software organises everything in one place to be examined, recalled, reproduced, and re-sent in case of a problem.

Tax Compliance Simplified

This accounting software assists all small businesses in developing and creating infinite reports that illustrate the present situation. Consider the following business scenario.  Data will reveal the findings and make it easy to obtain the file, including all necessary federal tax information.

One Stop for All Insights

You can manage your bookkeeping, invoicing, and costs using online accounting software. Without transferring between programmes, producing, transmitting, tracking, and recording invoices for your bookkeeping is simple. Making your Self-Assessment Tax Return quicker is simply keeping track of your spending with internet software.

Great Collaboration with Your Team

Working together with accounting software might strengthen your relationship with your accountant if you already do. They can manage your accounts with the help of the papers you upload, the invoices you submit, and the bank transactions you import.

Grow as You Expand Your Knowledge

In conclusion, the success and financial well-being of small businesses in the UK need to be knowledgeable about accounting standards and financial legislation. Due to the dynamic nature of finance and taxation, company owners and entrepreneurs must have access to trustworthy resources of knowledge and direction.

The best ten accounting websites and blogs included in this directory offer a lot of information, professional viewpoints, and helpful guidance catered to the particular requirements and difficulties experienced by small businesses in the UK. These publications provide helpful tools to manage the financial world successfully, whether comprehending tax legislation, operating funds, or looking for development prospects.

For small companies in the UK, being informed through these best accounting websites is not just a choice; it’s a tactical advantage that may promote financial security, expansion, and long-term success.

Outbooks…Your Trusted Partner for Financial Excellence

Outbooks is a leading organisation offering outsourcing accounting services to small businesses and accounting firms to make informed business decisions, expand sustainably, and negotiate the intricacies of the UK financial landscape via a dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. Outbooks is the industry leader in financial management, accounting tasks, and compliance regulations, enabling clients to concentrate on what they do best while leaving the numbers to the pros. You can write to us at [email protected] or contact us at +44 330 057 8597.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Accountants in Demand in the UK?

Since companies rely on accountants’ knowledge for financial management, tax compliance, and strategic financial planning, demand for accountants in the UK is expected to remain strong. The need for qualified accountants is continual due to the constantly evolving financial legislation.

Q2: Should We Use an Online Accountant?

A few benefits of using an online accountant are real-time access to financial information, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. Online accountants are a viable option for many organisations since they can perform jobs like accounting, tax preparation, and financial reporting efficiently.

Q3: Why Are Accounting Services Important for Businesses?

Accounting services are essential for firms because they offer the financial basis for smart decision-making, legal compliance, and strategic planning. Businesses may negotiate financial difficulties, grasp opportunities, and prosper in a cutthroat industry with the help of knowledgeable accountants.

Businesses need accounting services for several reasons:

  • Accounting assists in financial management by enabling the monitoring of cash flow, costs, and income.
  • Accounting professionals guarantee companies comply with tax responsibilities and reduce risks and fines.
  • Accountants help with accurate financial facts to make financial insights and decisions.
  • Accounting professionals help with long-term financial planning, investment strategy, and growth planning.
  • Accurate and well-maintained financial insights build trust and credibility among investors.

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