Outbooks is your reliable partner to look for skilled resources who can get the job done at a fraction of local costs. We take care of everything associated with the processes ranging from core recruitment functions, training, payroll to non-core office functions such as office space and more.

Why Recruitment Services?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Dedicated resource model
  • Scalable module
  • Robust internal training division
  • Structured governance methodology
  • Proven transition approach

How it works?

  • You give us the requirements
  • Our dedicated recruiter posts JD at recruitment portals or headhunts resumes from our database
  • We make the shortlisted candidate available for interview as per your convenience
  • You conduct interviews and tell us who you want to hire
  • We onboard the new resource onto our company payroll
  • You directly manage the resource and get work done
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Hire a Skilled Professional at fraction of local costs!

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Outbooks Recruitment Services

Pricing starts at GBP 1,500 Per month. Contact us to Learn more.