Outsourcing Checklist

Accounting & Bookkeeping firms like all other businesses thrive to grow. But the competition out there is fierce. Retaining old clients & landing new clients isn’t an easy task. Especially, with the growing client needs. The industry is evolving rapidly. And now clients expect more than simple recordkeeping from their Accountants & Bookkeepers. This is why many firms are starting to consider outsourcing their low revenue-generating tasks like data entry, payroll & reporting so that they can focus on high-value tasks that are core to the growth of their clients.

Downloadable ZIP File:

  • Why Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Tasks
  • Benefits of Outsourcing to India
  • Accounting tasks Accountants & Bookkeepers shouldn’t outsource
  • Accounting tasks Accountants & Bookkeepers may or may not outsource
  • Who are we?

Excel Checklists:

  • Accounts Preparation Checklist
  • Bookkeeping Preparation Checklist
  • Information Checklist
  • Payroll Processing Checklist

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Let the numbers speak!

per annum

In-house team size


Years in Business


Delivery centers

Why outsource

Save over 50% on costs

Faster turn around time

Focus on core business

Access to Experts

Flexible pricing models

Manage seasonal needs

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