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Accounting and bookkeeping services are regarded as one of the oldest professions which still follows many traditional methods to run operations in today’s digital age. However, as a niche industry it is essential for accountants to allow technology to lead their way as the online available resources and tools can ensure quicker and accurate response to client needs.

In the last few years while automated accounting has slowly replaced manual accounting. Accounting outsourcing and bookkeeping service providers as well as self-assessment tax return providers are paving their way to get transformed, digitally.

To push their accounting business to the position of a leading accounting firm, the ride on digital waves is essential. There are multiple ways you can go digital –

Choose Cloud to Share

Cloud Computing provides a secure and easy way to share data with one and more. Rather than getting caught up in operational challenges of sharing data in file or even emails, create shared locations in one click so that you and your client can exchange data in real-time. It is a great option to be connected to your team of accountants too and ensure you all are on the same page while working on the same task. It speeds up the work, cuts down silos and is easy to expand and scale for future needs.

Go Mobile

Being connected to the new age client 24/7 is expected of the accountants in this digital age when every business is on mobile. Get an app developed for yourself or pick one of the shelf. You want to be able to answer any accounting questions that your client may have while on the go so that they have the trust and feel heard all the time. Above all it lets data be available to you anytime to make any decisions.

Network on Social Media

Social networking is must for various reasons as it provides great opportunities for firms to establish credibility, gain support and build relationships, especially in order to understand how online communities work. Firms that establish a strong online presence and cultivate their online image to appeal to the target market are more likely to entice prospects to approach them. Popular social media sites such as LinkedIn are vital in helping firms generate leads, research on prospective clients and update on current happenings. Twitter is the best for sharing real-time information and answering FAQ’s whereas Facebook enables them to stay regularly connected with clients and showcase the more human side of affairs.

Share your knowledge

It is important to create the right impact on people and share your knowledge. Blogging is a common way to do so. Write blogs on ‘Tips…’, ‘How-tos…’, break ‘Myths…’ or share ‘Info…’ with your customers and prospects. You build trust, are connected with them always and you show that you know your stuff, which indirectly creates a positive impression and also adds more to your clientele.

Be on top to be visible

Follow basic SEO tips to be up on Google ranking so that potential customers can find you when they search. Someone searching on Google for an accountant or taxation expert is certainly has a need, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Being where you customer is, is important in this digital era.

Staying up-to-date with technology trends and adapting to the revolving needs of their clients is important for accountants so that they able to grow in this competitive space and stay relevant to the accounting industry.

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