How Outbooks is helping businesses grow, a Case study

Since 2011, Outbooks has helped several businesses grow their revenues multi-fold while keeping expenses and operational costs at the bay. Today we are a team of 150+ across 5 offices in the UK and India, and growing rapidly as are our clients. We are ISO 27001:2013(ISMS) certified, IEC Registered and fully GDPR compliant.

See how our clients have reimagined business and embraced transformation:


Client A

Client A is multiple award-winning accountancy practices established in 2005. They have revenue upwards of £2.5m and serve clients from various sectors ranging from self-employed to small businesses

Client’s Need / Situation

  • Practice struggled to grow
  • Turnaround time on queries was slow
  • Rate in the increase in costs was greater than the rate in increase in revenue which continuously put downward pressure on margins
  • Accounts were mostly submitted on deadline dates
  • Clients we not paying on time

What we delivered

  • In less than 3 months, we understood the whole practice, working culture, customer demands, work, regulation, and compliance to deliver unparalleled service to Client A customers
  • As Client A could focus its time on business development and improving customer experience, practice suddenly saw a spike in growth. We were able to recruit and train staff at an unprecedented rate which Client A could have never managed
  • All day to day customer accounting queries were now handled by our staff

Our Approach

  • Worked in Client A initially to understand the tasks that were consuming time, adding least value and could be outsourced
  • Trained our staff and ran parallel operations for over a month to minimize operational risk and remove any issues in live operations

Benefits for the customer

  • All incremental costs were reduced by over 40%
  • Turnaround time on inquiries came down from 5 days to less than a day
  • Client A has grown over 10 times since we partnered with them
  • Days sales outstanding has gone down from over 60 days to less than 30 days
  • Accounts are submitted well before the deadline date


Client B

Client-B was established in 2002 and is a member of the IFA (Institute of Financial Accountants) which is an internationally recognised professional accountancy membership body.

Client’s Need / Situation

  • This client was into computer and web based financial transactions, with an office in London and was mandated by the Financial Conduct Authority to file year end financial statements. A newly established organization, there was an oversight on the part of the client and the financial statements which are effectively time barred submissions were fast approaching the due date.  The management decided to outsource the exercise to Outbooks, mainly because of the approaching deadline.

What we delivered

  • All necessary requirements mandated were fulfilled as per the Statement of Recommended Practice. Finally we helped in putting together the complex statements well within the 80 business day time limit from year end for submission of the statements.
  • While the initial engagement was mainly for the year end financial statement submission, the client was impressed with the way we handled the short deadline requirement. We are now a regular with the client, and the client outsources all accounting requirements to Outbooks.

Our Approach

  • We had a very short period within which the whole exercise had to be completed. And we were deprived of the benefit of the previous years consolidated financial statements as there were none. Under the supervision of Ajeet Agarwal, the team in our Gurugram office worked overtime to compile statements. The client furnished us with all necessary information and the accountant liaised with our team sharing additional information as and when sought.

Benefits for the customer

  • 30% cost saving
  • Time saved: 200 hour
  • Compliance: 100%

We use our years of expertise and experience in the industry to advise clients in all aspects of Accountancy and Finance. The requirement for accurate professional advice is now more important than ever and we highly recommend you try us out.

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