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  • Provide people-centric, secure solutions to your customers and prospects with Outbooks Digital Workspace, Networking and Analytics
  • Take advantage of financial incentives and special offers to drive opportunities for your business
  • Leverage online training and certification courses to build and enhance your practice
  • Gain access to a multitude of tools and resources to help you market and sell your services or Citrix-compatible solution offering

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Become a technology partner with Citrix to deliver best-in-class features, functionality, performance and ROI.


Provide sales, order fulfillment, and support for Citrix Solution Advisors and Providers as a distributor.


Offer training and certification to help Citrix customers and partners enhance self-sufficiency, increase productivity, and maximize product capabilities.

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DJ Colom

DJ Colom

Extremely happy with the service I have received in over a years with Outbooks. The concept of a dedicated contact person is very good, and his highly experienced team have looked after me and my business to a very high standard

DNS Associates

DNS Associates

Outbooks has helped us grow our Practice 10 folds. The Service and Advice they provide has proven to be priceless. Outbooks is extremely responsive, accurate and committed to their work. All the efforts are duly noted and much appreciated.

Limelight Accountancy

Limelight Accountancy

This is to say thank you to Outbooks team. I am very happy with our business partnership and i am sure i have taken the right decision when deciding to join Outbooks. I can’t usually get my head around a lot of the terms but you have explained things and walked me through every step of the way. I have felt safe and confident in moving forward with Outbooks.

Target Accounting

Target Accounting

Outbooks is a completely trustworthy and efficient service provider. To be honest they performs like a wizard, and not for a single moment i thought i should change my Accountants.Being with them has given me a sense of calmness and something i don't have to worry about. The best thing i like about them is i can call them anytime and they will make time for me.