Case study – CLIENT A

Client A is a recently qualified accountant with great sales and entrepreneurial skills. Rather than joining any big company (having interned at 2 of the Big 4), they started their own firm.

Client Need / Situation

  • The client needed help with practical knowledge of Accounting and Bookkeeping.
  • Maintaining proper books of accounts is also not an easy task; it is, in fact, complicated and requires great diligence and sharp skills. They needed a smart workforce that is affordable, skilled and diligent at the same time.
  • They did not know how to price their services and what all documents to ask for
  • Was able to sell but struggled to onboard new clients as the practice was fairly new

What we delivered

  • Within six months, their clients grew from 0 to 40 making it an incredibly fast and rewarding journey!
  • Helped in maintaining the client books with precision.

Our Approach

Outbooks helped in the following ways:

  • Helped with client onboarding.
  • Checklists of data to ask for different services.
  • We helped in answering all the queries.  If the question comes from the client and the company officials didn’t know how and what to respond, then we helped them in quick responses.
  • How to price their services and have clients commit for the long term
  • Checklists on what proof, KYC, registration, VAT, and documents are needed?

Benefits for the customer

  • Unbiased opinions
  • Zero conflict of interest
  • Lower cost
  • Scalability
  • More time to communicate with the clients for payments and feedbacks
  • Practical training on running an Accounting business
  • Easy and cheap access to Accounting software



Case study – CLIENT B


Client B was outsourcing their accounting work to a company. Somewhere, something went wrong, which resulted in tremendous losses and created havoc for the business.

Client Need / Situation

The company from where they outsourced their accounting and bookkeeping services wasn’t diligent with the job and landed them in the same situation from the one they began. After coming back to square one, they again began their search for a suitable firm that could be trusted, which aims to promote the company’s growth along with theirs and this is when they contacted Outbooks.

What we delivered:

Within 3 months, we fixed all the issues in the quarterly VAT returns and delivered everything with great precision

Clients conveyed to us that we helped in many other ways which they had not experienced before:

  • Weekly status of the job
  • Communication! We are always available, everything typically gets answered within 2-4 hours
  • Outbooks team proactively notifies when the work is completed and chases them for more work

Our Approach

  • We offered the firm a Full-Time basis operational model with a free dedicated account manager
  • Although we were priced slightly higher, we matched their old pricing since the account was huge
  • Our team of certified professionals offered top-notch accounting and bookkeeping solutions in a quick and hassle-free manner

Benefits for the customer

  • More time to chase new client prospects
  • Timely delivery with weekly reporting
  • Better service quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction


Looking for an outsourced Accounting services company? Outbooks can help!

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