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Accounting is an integral part of every business, as it allows businesses to make well-thought financial decisions based on facts and figures. It allows you to keep track of the latest business finances. Accurate financial information allows businesses to make informed and sound financial decisions and improve the overall profitability of the company. And accountants are those professionals on whom businesses depend when it comes to managing finances. Here we will be shedding light on 5 Accounting Tasks to Outsource in 2021.

However, Accounting isn’t a single task, it is a combination of both simple and complex processes. For this very reason, many accountants and accounting firms choose to outsource their low-yield accounting functions to outsourcing firms. This allows them both the resources as well as time to manage their client’s high-yield tasks.

Today we will be discussing 5 tasks that Accountants can outsource and how Outbooks can help them streamline their Accounting practice and boost their efficiency. But before we jump into the discussion, here are a few benefits of outsourcing accounting:

Benefits of outsourcing accounting function:

  • Focus on your core competencies that can help your practice grow. 
  • Peace of mind.
  • Save money on manpower and training cost.
  • Offload non-core yet important functions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction since you’ll have more time to focus on more vital Accounting tasks.
  • Attract new clients.

5 Accounting Tasks to Outsource:

Following are the five essential accounting tasks to outsource :

1. Bookkeeping and VAT returns:

Bookkeeping is an integral part of accounting, but it is one of the most outsourced Accounting tasks. It is one of the key accounting tasks to outsource. Accountants need to focus their energy and time elsewhere rather than focusing on a task that is manpower intensive. This makes bookkeeping a primary accounting task to be outsourced. 

At Outbooks, we have well-trained and certified teams that are best equipped to handle bookkeeping and VAT tasks of varying volumes with ease, including small business bookkeeping. We deliver error-free bookkeeping reports on time and in the desired format. 

2. Self-Assessment Tax Returns:

The UK has a set of accounting principles for tax processes, and the tax season can be pretty hectic for accountants. But they can always outsource these tasks and be more involved in other high-priority tasks for their clients, like preparing P/L reports, cashflow forecasts, and so on.

We offer HMRC tax computations, the filing of tax returns, and assistance in presenting the same to tax authorities. Our team is well-versed in rules and regulations and has sound knowledge of the system and its provisions. We are equipped to offer professional advice and assistance that helps clients comply with HMRC’s self-assessment tax return guidelines

3. Year-end accounts and CT:

Timely submission of CT and year-end accounts is important to avoid punitive actions. For accountants, this can be a stressful task alongside handling other essential tasks that are also on priority due to the relation with the day-to-day functioning of the business. 

At Outbooks, we have a team of professionals who will unburden you with all these stressful tasks, replacing them with timely submissions that will not just be compliant but can add value to your organisation with opinions, advisories, and analytics on areas of improvement

4. Company secretarial:

We offer resources for company secretary duties to directors and senior management to meet statutory requirements, compliance services of a transactional nature apart from registration with Companies House, and necessary documentation. We help with incorporation, establishing operations, updating and amending articles, etc. 

5. Payroll Outsourcing:

Payroll is not just about paying your employees and you didn’t get into the business to manage paperwork and keep track of payroll processes. We have a team of expert professionals and skills to help you with required UK payroll accounting compliant with HMRC and BACs approved customised payroll. The process involves the recording of employees’ taxes, compensation, bonuses, wages, commissions, etc. 

How can we help?

At Outbooks, we have a team of experienced professionals and financial experts who can help you with all your accounting needs. We provide accurate and reliable accounting services. Outsourcing with Outbooks can help you save and scale your business. At Outbooks, we deliver end-to-end bookkeeping and accounting services. Outsourcing accounting tasks allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business, which are important to run and grow your business

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