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Understand & Plan

We rely on a seamless and well oiled process to provide end to end support. It begins with the initial discussions between Accountants and Outbooks Team at London. The process, timelines, deliverables and commercials are discussed in detail, following which the Accountant(s) furnish the specifics of the outsourced requirements.


Initiate Trial Job

Outbooks responds as per the timeline with a quote, outlining the deliverables and the milestones within the bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing requirements. Pursuant to agreement/consensus reduced to writing, the process moves into the sharing of inputs.


Work Commencement

The accountant will then proceed to share the inputs as agreed upon and as per requirements. This is typically done over the cloud, or through regular email, depending on the volume of transactions and the choice of the accountant. Cloud based options are recommended.  Similarly bank statements for the period in question are shared either over the cloud. The Outbooks team in London validates the data, and seeks additional info, if required, following which the data moves to India via secure, encrypted electronic means.



The Team in India in one of the three offices assigned the task completes the compilation or bookkeeping within the internal deadlines fixed by the Outbooks London Team. The completed task is then despatched via secure and encrypted electronic means to the London office.



An exhaustive process of cross-checking and validation is carried out at the Outbooks London Office following which the completed reports or updated books are delivered to the accountant


Set up Back office

Accountants start sending out regular work. Process streamlines over 2 to 3 months cycle. Initially depending on workload different pools of teams are utilized. As volume grows, dedicated teams are allocated for the accountants.



Urgent/additional information whenever sought is as per a set protocol, with identified resources and an agreed upon method that can be validated for better security. File sharing is always over encrypted and secure means, while interactions will typically include popular platforms other than dedicated channels.

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